We know a lot about our company!

WESSLING cake and WESSLING honey goes to the winners of our birthday quiz!

The questions in our WESSLING  quiz on the occasion of the company’s 38th birthday were anything but easy. In fact, some even gave the  management a headache. But the WESSLING colleagues showed quite amazing knowledge!

There were more than 300 participants (20 percent of the total group), of whom 42 answered all questions correctly. We have drawn the three main winners among them. Annette Neiteler and Guido Averesch – Germany; and Anja Gnägi - Switzerland received a very special WESSLING birthday cake as a gift.

All the other 39 colleagues with correct answers received a jar of honey  - not just any honey: this honey comes from beehives that are set up on the grass roof of WESSLING Altenberge as well from the founder Dr. Erwin Wessling!

The main purpose of the quiz was not to interrogate our colleagues, but to better involve them in the joint celebration. But the fact is that all of our colleagues passed the small test with excellent results.

Thank you for participating and congratulations to the winners!


And these are the correct answers to the quiz questions:

  1. How old is WESSLING this year? 38
  2. How many samples were analysed in Switzerland and Hungary in 2020? Switzerland: 35975; Hungary: 198319; All together (the right answer): 234294
  3. In which year was the Innovation Award launched? 2008
  4. In which building was the WESSLING Group's first laboratory? Windmill
  5. At how many locations is WESSLING represented internationally? 26
  6. In which year did the baton handover from Dr. Erwin Weßling to the current shareholders take place? (or children, descendants?) 2015
  7. In which year was the Lyon location opened? 1999
  8. WESSLING is becoming more and more international. Which language was introduced as the corporate language in 2005? English
  9. In how many countries is WESSLING represented? 9
  10. How many laptops were ordered in Germany 2020? (Guessing question) 277