WESSLING among the safest companies in this country

Our company has been recognised by an important new position again: Based on the “AAA” certificate issued by the Bisnode international company ranking firm we have been listed among the financially most stable domestic Hungarian companies.

It was less than a month ago that our colleague was distinguished by the Minister of Environment and our Managing Director was able to take over the Superbrands Business award dedicated to the best brands, and now again, yet another important recognition was awarded to WESSLING Knowledge Centre: after the professional and marketing awards, this time our financial operations were recognised.

Bisnode certifies the financial stability and business reliability of each undertaking based on a continuously validated and verified system developed by international experts.

WESSLING Hungary Kft. received the best possible qualification, “AAA”, which is awarded to only 0.63 per cent of all Hungarian business operators!

We are especially privileged to belong to the financially most stable companies on the basis of an objective classification system, in particular during the difficult times when the COVID pandemic shakes the world economically.

Additionally, this recognition is an important message to our partners as well, indicating that they have to undertakes only a very low financial risk when developing business relationships with us.

This prize is a serious honour for our company and we keep on paying special attention to act in a fair manner on the market.


What does the Bisnode certificate mean?

Bisnode certifies companies based on their reliability internationally since 1908. The AAA ranking of companies was introduced in 1989 and business operators were given the opportunity in 1996 to show up their reliability in their dealings in the form of this certificate. The Bisnode certificate is used in many countries across Europe, and it is a business etalon in the Nordic countries in the course of the business transactions. 

Qualification is made on the basis of a number of official data derived from multiple sources: data held by the Ministry of Justice, company court entries and records, data from the National Tax and Customs Authority and other authorities. Beside data from official sources company specific financial information such as balance sheet particulars, profit and loss statements and business trends are also incorporated in the calculations. Additionally, Bisnode taken into account among others whether or not the company in question settled its invoices in due time or with a delay, that is what kind of payment discipline is demonstrated.