Workplace safety in the laboratory

The experts of WESSLING Knowledge Center have joined the post-graduate training of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) as lecturers.

The students enrolled to the postgraduate course of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics are given thorough methodological knowledge in the field of work accidents and occupational illnesses. The experts of WESSLING Hungary Kft. give lectures on the state-of-the-art testing methods of chemical-physical harmful agents.

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics launched the specialist in the fields of work accidents and occupational illnesses postgraduate course in 2015 for the first time. Following the recent changes of the legislation and methodology, the course has been modernized. The course was basically launched for work safety engineers, and the theoretical and professional knowledge is acquired with the help of case studies presenting real problems, groupwork at school and homework, traditional and laboratory practices.

The course offering a BME degree has lecturers with vast work safety experience, who work at safety-conscious corporations. Thus the students are given information about the special tools and methods used by international companies for the investigation of work accidents.

For our company, WESSLING Hungary Kft., it was a great honour that dr. H. Nagy Judit asked the experts of our Knowledge Center to give lectures as members of the teaching staff, among the leaders of important Hungarian companies, university professors and renowned researchers. The task of our experts is to present the modern methods of the testing of chemical-physical harmful agents.

In the first three lectures Filep Zoltán, deputy head of WESSLING Hungary Kft. Environment Protection Branch, leader of the environment protection laboratory, presented the testing and sampling methods conducted by the laboratory for the workplace air measurements. He explained the concept and operation of separation technique, atom spectroscopy, and the process of sampling. Six Éva will present the workplace hazards relating to asbestos and fibril structure materials, and the process of sampling and measurement. Bordás Tamás will give a lecture on the importance of measurements in connection with noise, vibration and burdensome climate.

Besides the presentation of sampling and the measurements conducted in the accredited laboratory, the experts of WESSLING also explain the quality assurance parts of the test reports.


Laboratory tests at the workplace:


Why is it important to test the air at the workplace?

Volatile organic compounds, fungi, legionella: these materials and microorganisms harmful to health may all be inhaled at home or in the office. Humans need a couple of hundreds of grams of food, some liters of water a day, but we inhale almost ten thousand liters of air each day...


How to examine asbestos which adversely affects human health?

It is a good question, because this severely fibrogenic and carcinogenic material can still be found in many industrial and public buildings. If it gets into the lungs, it causes irreversible tissue proliferation, it may cause asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. WESSLING Hungary Kft. provides expert services relating to asbestos removal, accredited sampling and testing for its clients.


Noise and vibration measurement at the workplace


In addition to the provision of the proper condition of air at the workplace, the other generally occurring problem is noise pollution. We carry out accredited noise measurement, determine the noise pollution the employees are exposed to, and assess the result. Besides noise measurements, we also carry out accredited measurements relating to hand, arm and body vibrations.