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Water analyses, microplastics – actual articles in the professional press

Our article in the Hungarian Water Utilities Association Journal and the environmental magazine: In Green. A Vízmű Panoráma actual issue with WESSLING-articles

Az In Green magazine - WESSLING article on microplastics

About allergens in the national television

Our expert spoke about a Journal of Food Investigation article (edited and issued by WESSLING Nonprofit Kft.) in the M1 national television in prime time.

On M1 about allergens on the 10th of October

WESSLING expert on asbestos in the biggest onlnie news portal

Professional article on asbestos in and declaration of our colleague in the biggest news portal on the 29. September.

A article on asbestos dangers

Indexen article with the declaration of our colleague

About the food safety dangers of raw milk's sale

The Journal of Food Investigation and articles on raw milk's danger were taken over by the leading Hungarian news portals.

A 's article on the ÉVIK raw milk study





[Translate to English:] Áfonya hercegnő a WESSLING laboratóriumában

[Translate to English:] Ebben az esetben azonban a bibliai mondat pozitív értelmet nyert, hiszen a Magyarország Cukormentes Tortája verseny idei győztesét a WESSLING Hungary Kft. vizsgálólaboratóriumában megvizsgálták, és megállapították róla, hogy valóban nem tartalmaz hozzáadott cukrot. A torta nem hízlal, könnyű és finom! Ez alkalommal a nyertes egy éves ingyenes részvételt is nyert  a TOP-Higiénia rendszerünkbe. Az eseménnyel kapcsolatos sajtómegjelenések itt találhatók.

A hírportál beszámolója a cikke alapján.

A Class FM híre

A Cukrá közleménye

A megjelent, Könnyűnek találtatott című eredeti cikk

Az Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány közleménye, amelyet számos sajtóorgánum vett át

Az Orientpress hírügynökség írásában is megemlítik a WESSLING-et és a

A cikke


A Turizmus Online beszámolója

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WESSLING Hungary on the hompage of National Geographic!

A very important WESSLING-research was listed as a leading news on the National Geographic homepage on the 15th of February. The Separation Science Research and Education Laboratory (EKOL) was established by the Faculty of Science and the Institute of Chemistry of Eötvös Loránd University, together with WESSLING Hungary Kft. The determination of the origin of the hydrocarbon contamination can bring important results in terms of environmental protection.

 National Geographic article

A article


The analysis of Legionella is mandatory from February - WESSING Hungary Ltd. in the press

The systematic analysis and control of Legionella is mandatory from the 4th of February. WESSLING Hungary Kft. published imortant informations on the topic, which were taken by the press too.

A article

A Turizmus Online news

Házipatika (Home Pharmacy)


A Népszava article

Health Info article

Unusual chemistry - Labadventure in the press

The second round of Lab Adventure Online, the online chemistry competition of WESSLING Nonprofit  Kft. is here. The main goal of the competition launched for high school students is to popularize chemistry through examples taken from everyday life. The Labadventure has a massive press coverage!

Labadventure in the Radio Lánchíd

Labadventure Info Radio.

Labadventure MR1 Kossuth Rádió

Labadventure - educational news agency

Reserchers on the Net

New Generation homepage


 Edupress about Labadventure statistics

Language and Science

Metropol about Laborkaland

Energy page

New Generation


Modern School

A Hír TV (News Television)

National Geographic


Kossuth Rádió

Lánchíd Rádió

Az InfoRádió

Európa Rádió A Sulinet(Schoolnet)

Csodák Palotája (Center of Scientific Wonders)

WESSLING Hungary Ltd's most recent press releases

The bacteria lurking in the tap

If it killed a lot of the legionarys, what can the nice-sounding, but insidious bacteria, Legionella do to an oridnary man? The question is right, because the „residential” of taps, showders, splinkers, air conditional systems may cause illness or even death! Prevention and laboratory test are the most powerfull weapon against the Legionella. Our article appeared on


A link

Are the starlet pans dangerous?

Ceramic pots have became more and more popular  nowadays. To a layman it seems, these pots tend to take place of the traditional teflon vessels. Are the ceramic spot dangerous to our health? Tamás Szigeti, WESSLING Hungary’s expert talked about this topic to the Origo news portal.

Article published on the front page of Origo newsportal on the 18th of february

Refertil project reaches it's goal - in the media too

Refertil-project is approaching it's terminal date. The program targeted to recycle the byproducts of the agriculture and the food industry, giving a solution to Europe's phopsphate exposure and the fertilizers substitution. During the project compost and biochar products were developped, their safety is guaranteed by WESSLING Hungary Ltd's accredited analyses.

The Hír TV (News television) program on the 17th of FebruaryMR-1 Kossuth Rádió 2015. 02.16.

Asbestos in the flat panel

Asbestos can be present not only in the old industrial buildings, but also in some housing estates built during the communist regime. More than tens of thousands of people are affected, but the problem is still unresolved – said Éva Six, the expert of WESSLING Hungary Ltd. to several environmental mediums as

A Zöld Ipar Magazin 30 January

A article


Sweeted life

Aspartame is one of the most popular sweetener. Many studies claim that it is harmful to health, but european authorities don’t consider it to be dangerous below a certain level. The Hungarian  National Food Chain Safety Office’s study recently appeared in the Journal of Food Investigation published by WESSLING Non-profit Ltd., brought comforting result: the daily intake of aspartame gives no cause for concern, but children’s excessive consumption of soft drinks may be risky, and they must also take care with eating to much fruit-flavored yogurt. The article has been reported by Origo.

Aszpartám Origo 13th of January


Banana attacked!

Fusarium desaese destroys the banana plantations! A fight starts against the epidemic, and a new type of banana can appeare on the market. What can we know about fusarium desaese? Do we have it in Europe? Tamás Szigeti awnsered to the Origo newsportal’s questions.