Water analyses

Knowledge of the quality of water affects the quality of our lives – for both private individuals and industrial consumers.

Water analysis at WESSLING: consulting, sampling and analysis.

For this reason, our technicians and professionals who are engaged in water analyses offer analyses in accordance with the effective and applicable statutory regulations, personalised consultancy, up-to-date methods, accredited sampling, as well as accurate and reliable analysis.

Through our services and water analysis methods we provide comprehensive analytical and test results in all fields of water management – concerning drinking water, groundwater, industrial water, waste water or surface waters.

In terms of water analysis our laboratory offers you the following services:

  • drinking water sampling (from pipeline, wells and bottles) and analysis (control tests for eligibility to the family housing allowance programme, CSOK)
  • sampling and testing of bathing water (for Legionella) from pools and natural sources
  • groundwater sampling and analysis (in accordance with Joint Decree 6/2009 KvVMEüM-FVM)
  • sampling and analysis of surface waters (rivers, lakes, streams) and surface water deposits
  • sampling and analysis of waste water and waste water sludge

In our environmental analysis laboratory, in addition to the testing of waters, soil and air, waste, asbestos and radioanalytical tests are performed, among other things.

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„Making sure that wastewater treatment is up to the applicable statutory regulations requires special procedures and analytical methods. This is another area in which we offer you a wide variety of services.“

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WESSLING provides individual service packages that are tailored to the needs of your company.

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WESSLING – Water analysis and consulting from a single source

The services of WESSLING in the field of water

At WESSLING we take a holistic view of our customers' concerns. Depending on the needs of our customers, analytics and methods are closely linked to consulting services provided by our experienced engineers and scientists.

Find out more about our engineering services on water supply, wastewater disposal and compliance in all water processes.

WESSLING – interdisciplinary expertise

At WESSLING, we rely on an interdisciplinary team of experts so that we can take a holistic view of your projects and questions in the field of water.

For your project, this means that we incorporate the know-how from 40 different specialist disciplines into a customer-specific solution - in the form of an individual service package comprising consulting, sampling and analysis.

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As part of an international project, we are measuring the microplastic pollution of the river in several large cities along the Danube.

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We planted 15 trees in the WESSLING Knowledge Center

The Japanese cherry and Mongolian cherry trees were planted in the garden of the laboratory in Újpest as the awards of our international cycling race.

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