Waste energy analyses in Montenegro

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology selected WESSLING Hungary Kft. as one of the winners in a West-Balkan climate protection project. We will analyse how waste can be used to produce energy in Montenegro. As a result, methane emission in Montenegro may decrease significantly, and WESSLING is taking another major step ahead in its corporate social responsibility – now even on the regional level.

The winners of the first international climate protection application procedure issued by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the West Balkans Green Point are developments intended to support the climate protection efforts of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North-Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, while they also lay the foundations for Hungary’s green economy stepping onto international markets. The tender encourages the transfer of Hungarian technology and know-how to facilitate the achievement of the region’s environmental and climate protection goals. Among others, the projects will be implemented in areas like renewable energy sources, water management, waste management and urban sustainability.


WESSLING Hungary Kft.’s application entitled „An analysis of the utility of waste to produce energy in Montenegro” was selected as one of the 12 winning projects in the funding category for project preparation and capacity-building for climate protection in the West Balkans. The application won 26 million 300 thousand HUF in support.


The awarding ceremony was held in the ministry on June 17th, following the decision by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. Dr Péter Kaderják, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Policy handed out the certificate to Dr László Zanathy, WESSLING Hungary Kft.’s executive director personally.

“Our laboratory has always considered corporate social responsibility to be of primary importance, and this – in addition to our credible, devoted and outstandingly competent work for the protection of the environment, pharmaceutical and food security  - has been recognised by several awards, too (most recently, for example, by the Superbrands Business Award). To be a winner in this tender is of great importance to us also because this time, we can contribute to significantly reducing methane emission outside Hungary’s borders, in an important region.”