WESSLING’s Special Award for Section Winner at Conference of Scientific Students' Associations, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Drug tablets could be analysed non-destructively with the help of methods based on spectroscopy and chemometry during the manufacturing process itself, accelerating thereby the entire manufacturing process – according to the paper written by Lívia Horváth, winner of WESSLING Knowledge Centre’s award at this year’s Conference of Scientific Student Associations at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME TDK) in the Analytical and Computing Chemistry section.

With the coronavirus pandemic still with us, this year’s BME TDK conference took place in the cyberspace on 12 November, and it was a huge success: some 175 participants logged on to the evening’s award ceremony. The HUF 50,000 Media Markt voucher offered by WESSLING Kft. was won in the Analytical and Computing Chemistry section by Lívia Horváth, for her paper “Use of real time spectroscopic measurements and chemometric methods in drug dissolution prediction” (theme advisor: associate professor Dr. Zsombor Kristóf Nagy, BUTE, Organic Chemistry and Technology Department).


In her paper the winning student discusses spectroscopic and chemometric methods used in estimating the dissolution of the active ingredients of drug tablets, with the help of which it would be possible to examine tablets non-destructively as early as during the manufacturing process, accelerating thereby the whole manufacturing process.


During its nearly 30-year history WESSLING Hungary Kft. has been laying particular emphasis on communicating the dissemination of scientific knowledge and consultancy as widely as possible, and on transferring the knowledge and professional experience accumulated in this regard during its operations as completely and as responsibly as possible. The Company has been using its best efforts on expanding and perfecting its CSR activities in the context of which it is working in close cooperation with a number of higher education institutions (Eötvös Loránd University, BUTE, Szent István University), providing support in terms of knowledge, together with professional and financial assistance for their conferences and events, as well as their students.


One of the most high profile events we have been sponsoring year after year is the Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations, aimed at presenting students’ papers prepared in specific research fields, concentrating on specific subjects, to a jury in various sections. The papers contain the essence of 6-12 month research and the most successful entries can also be submitted by those ranked in the required positions, in the biannual National Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations.


We are proud to say that we have had the opportunity to support a cause – that is so highly important to us as well – teaming up with a number of major companies such as MOL Nyrt, Richter Zrt., or Sanofi Zrt. Congratulations, again to Lívia Horváth for her innovative idea and fine piece of work!